Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sunday, 11 July 2010



Cassie would defo make me one happy dude yeah.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I'm back!

with a new house, new mates and new life!!!

Should make an interesting read then?

I'll keep you posted!

Oh and i'm still taking photos of me with cats.


Sunday, 7 June 2009


Would suck without you.

And it would even more without these.

I'll probably get sued for having this unauthorised pic on my maxxed out blog but if that happens, i will just start monoing and then i will put 'your honor' at the end and i will get off.

I'm not sure why this sicked-out friendship happened but its the best thing ever. Now all i have to do is join them, get in on the matching tattoo club and then i can be rad all over my hood.  
Dreams can come true.

PS. i should stop writing blogs after researching my bmx.
PPS. Sorry about the Kelly Clarkson comment, she's a fugly slut.

Peace. x

Monday, 25 May 2009


Yesterday I was bored so I went to a "swop it" basement party where I managed to gain this...
I was doing Air Max-Extreme tricks all over the place.
It's best if you do them over a cat, but if you can't find a cat you can use a bucket or similar. Also, if there are people watching add some sick by skidding out at the end, near a wall or tree!
Y'know for ultimate rad coolness.  

This left me wanting my very own skateboard so I could get sick wicked trix n flips all over the beach!
Other than that I might just do up the BMX my landlord gave me to this standard.
Hmmmmmmmmmm gold.I've wanted a gold BMX since forever.
Mines a sick max Reliance Boomerang and I'll do heaps of maximum extreme tricks on it.
Having a BMX like this will make me instantly become a member of every gang or club invented, because I'll be awesome and all the ladies will do this!

PS. They're pissing.

Anywho back to the party
I J'kwon'd too much on this.
Met some guy called Fritzl and played games with him like this....

I had ace times.
and remember: When in doubt, do a Flipout.

Monday, 18 May 2009


There is no way I'm going back to Blockbuster until some gaylord who works there gets fired!

It took us 1 hour choosing the film by NOT cheating and picking twice consecutively using Amys numeral technique it was obviously 'Alphadog' fated to our viewing pleasure.

I need to set up an account because Amy is registered to a different Blockbuster up in the brilliant north, where they seem to have no problems sharing their Blockbuster clientele,
But No some prick working there spent THREE minutes looking for a clock then said...
"No, you can't set up the account because it 9:32 and accounts need to be done by 9:30"

I swear he's a dick that should spend more time setting up accounts rather than wasting time looking for clocks that sends me over the allotted "account setting up time".

I'm getting Amy to write a letter to Blockbusters head office, just like the time an angry asian woman threw a bag at us in the Co-op, we set a letter to there head office and the asian has never been seen again.
Prick from Blockbuster watch out, this is not something I run away from like a hotel room or a crying baby, your job is mine!

Anywho today I spent lovely times playing on Brighton pier shooting terrorists, watching funerals and beating Amy on another new game. It was intense.

Sunday, 17 May 2009


But not going to them are even better.

Work had paid for my ticket anyway, so I could go and find the next top model.
Instead we got pissed and learnt new languages.

We did try and be Metronomy groupies, but we got stabbed in the queue and never went in.
So we got drunk some more.

Oh and I got through a whole stick of YELP! 
I love that stuff.

This morning so far its Sunday 17th may 13:11 and I've...
  • Woke up
  • Played with a cat

Thats my day done.